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Primal Fitness Gym and Dance Studio

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We offer solutions for those who want to increase their cardiovascular fitness, strength, core stability and flexibility. We operate a gym and dance studio on Lamma Island and offer outdoor classes in several Hong Kong locations. Primal Fit workouts are designed to give the participant an all over body workout. All Primal Fit workouts start with a dynamic warm up to mobilise all the joints, preventing injury. Bodyweight exercises are utilised to build muscle, burn calories and raise your metabolism. You will increase your cardiovascular fitness, functional strength, core-stability and flexibility. All the exercises are progressed/regressed to suit all abilities. Working out in a group and with friends is a great way to feel inspired and motivated, so bring along friends and family to make it a fun workout. Primal Fit workouts are never the same – this helps to keep things fresh and keep you motivated. Group class numbers are limited so get in touch now.